MENA's Digital Transformation: Web3Hub at the Forefront

Sep 14, 2023


The ETHRIYADH event in Riyadh will host numerous renowned investors from around the globe. Representing our country, Mehmet Sait Gümüş, the founder of Web3Hub, will be in attendance.

Web3Hub: From Kaş to the Global Tech Stage - A Success Story

Blockchain and Web3 technologies have become the driving force of digital transformation in recent years. One of the shining examples of this transformation in Turkey has been Web3Hub. In this article, we delve into the achievements of this pioneering entity in Kaş's digital metamorphosis and its influence on the international stage.

What is Web3Hub?

Web3Hub was established in Kaş as an innovation center focused on blockchain and Web3 technologies. Its mission is to introduce individuals and institutions to digital transformation, enhance their knowledge in this field, and promote technological adaptation.

Kaş: The New Haven for Digital Nomads

The pandemic has ushered in significant changes in the global work culture. Many professionals have opted to live and work anywhere in the world, thanks to flexible hours and remote working opportunities. Influenced further by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, numerous digital professionals chose Kaş. Web3Hub has spearheaded this digital migration, facilitating seamless transactions via cryptocurrency for these professionals.

Web3Hub's Role in Social Transformation

Beyond technological advancements, Web3Hub has been at the heart of social transformation. Through programs and workshops in areas like psychology, stress management, graphic design, and artificial intelligence, it has contributed significantly to both personal and professional growth.

Web3Hub on the International Stage

Web3Hub's impact isn't limited to Kaş or Turkey. The organization's signature can be found at events in tech hubs such as Bali, Dubai, Lisbon, Tbilisi, Singapore, and Shanghai.

This international recognition culminated in Web3Hub being invited as a speaker to the ETH Riyadh conference, scheduled for October 10-11, 2023. Perhaps one of its most significant achievements has been its role in the evolution of the term "MENA" (Middle East North Africa) to "META" (Middle East, TURKEY, and Africa).


With its leadership in Kaş's digital transformation, Web3Hub has secured a pivotal spot not just in the region but on Turkey's technological map. These achievements, which resonate on the international stage, showcase Turkey's potential in the digital transformation space.